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A bunny or a hen?

A bunny or a hen?

A sweet surprise

Following Lent, we indulge in Easter treats shaped like bunnies and hens crafted from yeast dough.

In Tyrol, and particularly at our hotel in Ötztal, the “Osterzopf” sweet Easter breads are a real festive highlight. This treat, made from soft, airy yeast dough, is eagerly anticipated by children, who typically receive it from their godparents. In Tyrol, godfathers and godmothers are affectionately known by names such as “Teìt and Touta”, “Get and Goti”, or “God and Godn”, varying by region.

In keeping with Tyrolean customs, girls typically receive an Easter bread shaped like a hen, and boys receive one shaped like a bunny. Many godparents take pride in baking these festive treats themselves, although they can also be found in local bakeries.

Beyond their sweetness and association with spring, the hen and rabbit hold deeper Easter meanings, symbolising the joy of the Resurrection and the renewal of life. This Easter, we extend our wishes for your happiness and invite you to savour this Tyrolean tradition. Happy Easter!

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