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An Alpine adventure in Ötztal

The Similaun high mountain trail in the Ötztal Alps

A mountaineering gem on our doorstep

A must-visit for skiers and mountaineers alike: the Similaun mountain

The Similaun is one of the most famous peaks in the Ötztal Alps on the Italian-Austrian border. Rising almost 3,600 metres above sea level – 3,599 metres to be precise – its unique panoramic views attract mountain enthusiasts in both winter and summer. Glaciers adorn its southern, eastern, and northern sides, while its southwestern flank boasts the vast Similaungrube gravel pit. Neighbouring peaks include the no less majestic Finailspitze to the west (3,514 metres above sea level) and the Westliche Marzellspitze to the northeast (3,529 metres above sea level).

The peak’s striking appearance has long attracted people’s attention; its first ascent in 1834 is attributed to the priest Theodor Kaserer and the mountain guide Josef Raffeiner (from the South Tyrolean side).

During winter – which in upper Ötztal extends to May, with a bit of luck – the ski tour of the Similaun begins in the mountaineering village of Vent at around 1,900 metres above sea level. This elevation serves as an advantageous starting point, given the tour’s demanding nature. Traversing the Niedertal valley and passing the Schäferhütte mountain hut, you reach the Martin-Busch hut at 2,501 metres above sea level: it is typically open from mid-March to the end of April. After a short stop for refreshments, the journey to the summit comprises a “mere” 1,100 additional metres in altitude – after which you can look forward to a magnificent descent.

Conquering the Similaun mountain in summer is also an unforgettable experience. What’s more, it is considered a relatively easy Alpine tour due to the minimal danger of crevasses and the gentle slope of the glacier. You can begin your journey in the scenic village of Vent, or you can opt for a two-day trek starting from the historic Similaun hut. Regardless of your starting point, with Alpine experience, the right equipment, and up-to-date information, your mountaineering experience in Tyrol will be simply unique.

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