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Pure, moving natural experiences:

snowshoe hiking in Ötztal

A fairy-tale scene with snow-covered pine forests, gleaming white Alpine meadows, and eternal ice, all sparkling in the light of the sun shining down from the bright blue sky. The heavenly stillness of the Ötztal mountains is only broken by the crunching of the soft snow under your snowshoes. And you know: That’s the feeling of pure winter bliss around Vent.

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Snowshoeing and winter hiking in Vent from our hotel

Winter in the mountains: where powder snow meets secluded trails

During a snowshoe hike through our snow-blanketed winter paradise, you’ll experience the real, unadulterated mountain winter. Vent’s location at 1,900 metres above sea level means snow is guaranteed and the possibilities are endless, including well-known trails such as along Venter Ache river or up to Ramolalm pasture, as well as undisturbed routes through the heart of winter nature.

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Snowshoeing and winter hiking in Vent from our hotel

Snowy adventures that warm your heart

Once a week, our hiking guide Bianca takes you on a guided snowshoe hike through the sparkling white Ötztal mountains to let you experience the many facets of winter around Vent. Other guided snowshoe hikes are offered by the tourist association – or you can head out into our snowy paradise independently after receiving personal tour recommendations. Whatever you choose, your freedom knows no bounds here in Vent. And you don’t need to think too hard about equipment, because you can borrow snowshoes for winter hiking in Vent free of charge at our hotel in Ötztal.

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