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Not for the faint-hearted

Ski tour on the Wildspitze

Reserved for experienced skiers in good shape

As the first snowfall glistens upon the summits, does your heart yearn for the challenge of an adventurous ski tour? Then we have a tip for you.

The steep and challenging terrain of the Ötztal Wildspitze perfectly reflects the name of this mountain, the highest in North Tyrol. This means that this desirable peak is only suitable for experienced ski mountaineers with a good level of fitness, excellent skiing skills, and a lot of enthusiasm. 

The starting point of this tour is the valley station of the chairlift in Vent at 1,896 metres above sea level. It’s a good starting point, as you have about 1,900 metres of altitude difference and 16.8 kilometres to cover, which should take you about eight hours. Our tour takes you via the normal route from the south through the Mitterkarjoch to the summit of the Wildspitze (3,768 metres above sea level). The pinnacle of ski holidays in Austria is the descent along the mountain’s southern flank, a path that demands your utmost caution and respect. With slopes presenting a steepness of 45 to 50 degrees in the upper section, this leg of the journey must be only attempted under safe conditions. 

At the Natur- und Alpinhotel Post, we stand ready to assist our adventurous guests in navigating this thrilling yet challenging endeavour!

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